New Tan-Toned Paper Journal

Dear Léo sent me an amazing parcel bursting with love, a late X-mas gift. In it, there was a new art journal, charcoal and a dip pen. ❤ I quickly fell out of love with the cheap sketchbook I found at Barnes and Noble and am so pleased to move into this new one, especially since it’s from a great friend. I just didn’t feel that connexion with the other one, which explains my lack of creativity, of desire to really dive in and get messy. Here are some of my sketches so far!
parakeet sketch

The above drawing is a bit of a speculative piece on what my parakeet may look like once his adult plumage comes in. ❤

letteringNina in charcoal and ink white shirts ink sketches and letteringink sketch


7 thoughts on “New Tan-Toned Paper Journal

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