Prompt 6: Adventure Time

What is your definition of adventure? What is your ideal adventure (fantasy welcome)? Describe it in detail, what do you do and where do you go? Who do you meet along the way? What is the destination?

Being a paranoid, reclusive hermit makes even the most mundane trips to the store seem sort of adventurous, but a real adventure usually involves my wanderlust and a trip to somewhere I’ve never been before either on Earth or outside of this galaxy. The first two places that seem ideal to me as of late are New Zealand and Québec: the former for its beautiful geography and possible candidacy as a future home and the latter for gobs of snow and some French without having to go to France. The trip would begin in the Northern Hemisphere where it’s winter, and after I was sick of the snow, I’d head to New Zealand for summer nature hikes and to visit some Kikki K retail stores (seriously on my bucket list now). Since this is an “ideal” adventure, I’d just hop on over to Asia as well: Singapore, Japan, China. ❤

If I could go anywhere, I’d visit a myriad of places in the universe: our own Sol, the center of this galaxy, our satellite galaxies, black holes, neutron stars, that huge void where there’s supposedly no stars or planets or anything. XD I’d hope to meet many aliens along the way, and since I’m makin’ the rules, that’s exactly what’d happen. While we’re at it, I would love to pass through a black hole, experience the insides of stars and witness the creation of another universe. 😦 I’m gonna be dust long before any of that is possible.



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