Prompt 5: Ghost Stories

It’s time for some more of Mary’s 28 Days of Writing!

What ghost story did you grow up with, or what story or urban legend scares you the most? Write down a summary and then write about why it’s so scary.

This is an exciting one because Louisiana is steeped in ghost stories! Perhaps it’s the state’s involvement in the civil war (Shreveport itself was briefly the Confederate capitol and the capitol of Louisiana during the 1800s) or its association with plantations and Acadian exiles. There are several stories about places in Shreveport that are passed around, such as the ROTC instructor who killed himself in the basement of the C. E. Byrd high school building. People say you can hear him late at night, though I can’t remember what he does.

A more famous place around here is The Pea Farm, which was actually an old prison. It has a long history of being broken into by amateur ghost hunters. I hear that old 1950s jail cells, occult graffiti and dense plant life makes the Pea Farm is especially creepy. There’s also an old, shut down school on Ellerbe Road that serves up its own dose of abandoned, graffiti-laden buildings. People report EVP, strange images, footsteps and all kinds of things at both of those places. There are a number of abandoned railway tunnels that also supposedly have ghost activity in them. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to any of these places. 😦

Of all the urban legends I’ve ever heard, the most frightening to me personally is the bit about getting a kidney stolen and waking up with a note urging you to seek medical attention. Imagine if they decided to take more than just a kidney–or put something fucked up back in the kidney’s place! Terrifying.



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