Lilac and Vintage off to Ireland

lilac postal notebook for Cara

I’ve finally completed the lilac Moleskine Messages Postal Notebook featured in my snailmail process video! I did minimal decorating on the front because I wanted the stamps to be the art: beautiful landscapes, birds and my only Pegasus constellation stamp.

lilac postal notebook: inside cover

The first pocket was created with ink and houses vintage ephemera from the Deep South: recipes and garden pages.

lilac postal notebook: page 1 detail

One of the best additions is this old Day Runner page from 1994. I couldn’t believe I found one of these!

lilac postal notebook vintage page detail lilac postal notebook: vintage page detail 2

lilac postal notebook: stamps lilac postal notebook: textured paper lilac postal notebook: envelope + stickers lilac postal notebook: mini postcards lilac postal notebook: signature sketch lilac postal notebook: last pages of vintage ephemera


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