Prompt 4: Free Association

Prompt three is a little personal and involves making a coded message, so I’m gonna skip ahead to prompt four! Gosh, this is a fun one! For this one, I decided to photograph the insanity that ensued on my paper. ❤ I did this in my Kikki K’s Heal section which I have recently merged with the Adventure section to make room for a Projects section! More about this later. 🙂

Pick a word and write down (or web out randomly) all the thoughts, memories and ideas that come to mind because of that word.

Here goes nothing!

prompt 4 of 27


3 thoughts on “Prompt 4: Free Association

  1. Purple mountains’ majesty is my favorite crayon. Mountains are pretty amazing. I missed them terribly when I lived in Rhode Island. I can’t imagine living somewhere (again) without them! There is a rooftop deck at my apartment complex and, at the top, there is a breathtaking view of the mountains.

    • ❤ You're in Oregon, correct? The Pacific Northwest is just breathtaking. I'm so incredibly sad I didn't get to see Oregon, Washington and Vancouver while I lived on the West Coast. You lucky dog, all those mountains around. It's made of mountains over there, I swear. XD ❤


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