Prompt 2: Names

Hello and welcome to what was supposed to be Day 2 of Mary’s 28 Days of Writing 2015. ❤ I’m only two days late!

Research your name. What does it mean and what do you think of it? Do you think it fits you or not? What would you like for it to mean? Why?

Well, there are two routes one can take when addressing this. My name is Bari, which was intended to be a bastardization of the name Baron not an alternate spelling of the Irish name Barry. So, it can be said it comes from Baron which is of Old German origin. Predictably, it’s associated with nobility.

The name Bari itself is of Arabic origin and means “originator”. It is associated very heavily with Allah. Today, it is combined with another word to make the name Al-Bari, “the Creator”. It’s also a current and fairly popular Urdu name for boys meaning “of Allah”.

I find it incredibly ironic that my name is steeped in religious and aristocratic meaning when I myself despise such things. Oh, the universe is funny, isn’t she? Clearly, I’m an agent of the gods.


3 thoughts on “Prompt 2: Names

  1. I didn’t even think about Bari being an alternate spelling for Barry until you mentioned it! Now, do you pronounce it like Barry or BAR-ee? I feel like the latter would sound nice if you had an British accent.

    • I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that! Bahahaha, it’s like everyone goes straight for names like Mary and Barry, and it just makes no sense to me either. It’s supposed to be “BAR-ee”, but there are only a handful of people who call me that in the world. XD Americans tend to make it sound very harsh when spoken that way: “BAR-eeeee”, like we’re all at a bar. BAHAHAHA. Ahem. >____>

      • Hah! I’m glad it’s not like Barry. That must be really annoying that people think it’s short for it. Bleh! Everyone asks me if my mom really liked the movie Gone with the Wind but I was just named after a street.


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