Probably Obsessed

I don’t know why I even wrote “probably”–to lessen the pain of addiction perhaps. XD

Kikki K dash

After using my gold kikki.K for about a week, I wanted to show some updated photos of my layout and discuss how it’s handling the wear-and tear of life thus far (however short a time it may have been, hohoho). I made my own dividers from kraft cardstock (and this one below from heavy map paper), but they haven’t been laminated as of yet. I’m beginning to realize just why laminating the dividers is a good idea, and the edges of this map divider have already begun to suffer from one week’s worth of use. Washi on the inside edges isn’t really helping, so I’ll probably pick up some of those self-adhesive sheets from Target soon. Sadly enough, I enjoy the look of matte non-laminated dividers more. How wonderful does this map divider look with this old book page pocket? ❤

dash pocket

If you care about my incredibly inane and boring life, feel free to read about the details of my week below. Otherwise, enjoy the chaos that ensues when I have too many stickers. ❤ I love stickers.

12 - 18 janvier 2015

Here’s what January looks like to Doré.

janvier 2015

For my daily bookmark, I like to use this quote card I got with my planner. I stuck my favorite photo of Cake on it and a moon sticky of daily habits I ought to reinforce. Unfortunately, I really should laminate this as well, and I’ll probably do so with the Cake photo still attached. I’ll leave the bottom open for stickies, notes and what have you.

daily bookmark

Despite that I got the Personal Planner, I also picked up a set of the 2015 weekly diary pages, and I’m actually quite pleased with them. They are too thin as many have said, but having a bilingual calendar that starts on Monday suits me perfectly.

week close up

I opened and closed the rings so much during the first week that my thumbs furiously ached, yet all the rings are perfectly snappy and align well. I’m a bit surprised how six sections of girth already seems taxing on its thickness, but it’s a nice limiter.

divider pocket sticker

Of course, the best thing about a ring system is being able to pop in and out pages to one’s smallest whim. I found this map page and thought it’d be great to put in my art section for geographic inspiration. ❤

miscellaneous map paper old book page pocket snailmail log section

Despite the fact that I did indeed make my own dividers, I quite enjoyed the two gold dividers it came with and decided to keep them. They also add a bit of strength to the sections since they’re indeed laminated. On a side note, I ended up setting this lovely thing in a puddle of black ink that I clumsily spilled on my table, and the black spots wiped right off the beautiful leather. Phew, disaster averted!

gold Kikki K divider

What photo shoot would be complete without the heaps of stickers I keep in the front pockets?! Now you can see why my monthly and weekly views are so chaotic. XD

stuffed front pockets


2 thoughts on “Probably Obsessed

    • I actually don’t have a special punch. I use a single 1/4″ heavy duty punch from EK Success. It’s really easy to just make dots where the holes should be while using the rings or original inserts as a template. 🙂 Thank you so much! I just adore it.


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