kikki.K Setup Video

I filmed this wee video today of my updated kikki.K after messing with it all day yesterday. To see my crazy face and Shangri-La Doré, view below! ❤


11 thoughts on “kikki.K Setup Video

    • Thanks so much! Though I’ve only used it for a day, it really seems to help me find my happy place again. I think rituals help us too. When we feel bad and go for something that makes us feel better, it’s reinforcing and creates a cycle. I feel like I have to trick myself into enjoying life sometimes. XD

  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing! I love all the little sections that you are using! I’ve never heard of that brand of planner before. I’ve decided to have two journals this year. One is in my Moleskein planner and I write briefly about my day and the other is a happiness journal, where I only write/deco the things that make me happy/thankful for that day. This helps because when I’m feeling glum, I can go back throughout my happiness journal and see all the positives that I’ve had. Also, some days it’s a struggle to find something positive about that day so that’s a healing task to do for me. Even if it’s just one word, that’s still something positive.

  2. I’m so glad you commented on my blog and I was able to discover yours! I’ve been reading a few old posts and I’m hooked!

    Also, I’m just a little bit jealous of your KikkiK planner.. it looks amazing!! And the healing section is something I will have to add to mine as well, such a great idea!

    • Gosh, what a sweet compliment! ❤ I've followed you on Instagram for a bit, and your photos always inspire and warm me. I can't tell you how pleased I am that you enjoy my wee spot on the web. 🙂 I really hope that healing section serves you well!

  3. This is such a great set up – I love that you’ve adapted the sections to reflect you so well. Your dashboard is absolutely lovely too, and I’m never falling out of love with that map paper.

    Thank you for sharing 😀


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