Shangri-La Doré

Kikki K clasp detailI’ve been remarkably unproductive for the past few weeks because of my own damn tunnel-vision. Everyone knows what it feels like to become fixated on something so much that getting anything else does seems utterly impossible. That status describes my very essence since Monday 29 December 2014. I still remember the exact date I placed the order. Yes! The order. Anyone who knows a wee bit about stationery probably knows what kikki.K is, and I’ve been eyeing their beautiful personal planners since last May. ❤ Finally, with a pile of resolutions and the sale on the beautiful gold personal planner, I decided to jump in and order the thing. I wish I’d have known I wouldn’t receive it until today just to save me some hair-pulling. Calling me patient would be a mealy-mouthed lie, but I do so much better when I simply know. Anyways, the beautiful golden planner that perfectly matches my S5 Mikasa arrived today, and I’ve already gone to town getting it set up.

Holy fucking shit, it’s beautiful. Some people apparently had issues with imperfect stitching, faulty leather and uneven rings–not me! ❤ The thing is perfect in every way from the snap to the zipper to the ring mechanism to the inside stitching and fabric-leather boundary. Ahem, this post will be heavy on photos so ahoy mate! Let us set sail across the golden photocean!

Kikki K Gold personal planner

The clasp is firm and works better than I expected at holding all the crap I’ve already put into it together. The leather is a gorgeous soft gold, which I was hoping for. Under certain lighting, it’s almost a silvery rose, and under others, it leans toward true gold. It’s spectacular.

Kikki K leather detail

Kikki K open

My newest obsession is that of stickers! I filled this thing up with them, and they seemed to disappear into its many pockets. ❤ I love that one can punch holes in anything and stick it in. Parfait!

Kikki K inside detail Kikki K ring detail Kikki K tab detail

I’m not done customizing the tabs, but I did craft one for the very beginning. I need to laminate it first, but it serves as a nice “dashboard” for now. Old maps, I could stare at them forever. ❤ Those awesome little monthly tabs are part of a sticker set from the wonderful website MochiThings. I love their stickers, and they’re very well-priced for such nice quality.


5 thoughts on “Shangri-La Doré

  1. I’ve been hovering on the edge of buying this for quite some time now, but not quite feeling like I should splurge – I’ve already got a gorgeous red filofax that I don’t use quite as much as I should. But it’s so gorgeous!

    Could you put A5 inserts into this or is it an in between size?

    • A5 is 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 inches), right? I pulled out the measuring tape and I believe such a size would fit perfectly inside! 😀

      The gold is really an astounding color. I had been eyeing it for a while, and their sale convinced me, and I just got a small time planner in lilac to use a wallet. XD At 50% off, it was only 20 bucks! Argh I have no self control sometimes.

      • This might just have done it. I may have no other choice but to get it. Besides, I just got told I passed through the first interview stage for a job, that deserves a reward, right?…right?! 😛

        If I didn’t have such a problem with lilac as a colour, I’d probably be feeling the same pull – even i can tell that it’s a stunner.

      • XD It certainly does, methinks! 😡 Hehehhee. Congratulations, by the way! 🙂

        I painted my bedroom lilac years ago. Ugh, it seemed like a good idea at the time but such is not the case! XD

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