First Moleskine Messages Postal Notebook

I’ve been holding onto three of these babies for weeks, ruminating on them and all their possibilities. Finally, I decided to break one out this weekend in honor of obtaining a new penpal, Hannah from Germany. ❤ Though we haven’t even exchanged one letter, she seems like a lovely kindred sprit, so I’m very excited to begin our friendship.

Moleskine ostal notebook

postal notebook

The first page features a wee thank you for being my penpal as well as an envelope full of little paper doodads. I recently obtained a tag punch, and I’m obsessed with it.

postal notebook details postal notebook details page 3 postal notebook details pages 4, 5 postal notebook details page 5


6 thoughts on “First Moleskine Messages Postal Notebook

    • Thanks so much! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with how few pages there were, so I knew from the beginning I’d need to add an envelope or something else. There were only 4 pages–or 8 if you count the front and the back of each.


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