La Neige en Ciel

blue skies

We had a long string of cold rains Thursday through Saturday to welcome the new year in Louisiana, and I was taken back to my biggest complaint about the weather here: subfreezing temperatures are quite frequent but never in presence of rain. Whenever systems pass through, they bring a invariable raise in temperatures, and it’s often just enough to maintain liquid precipitation (or mixed with damned ice pellets). Because of such patterns, we do experience ice storms and freezing rain, but snow is pretty much out of the question.

Shreveport’s most severe snowfall occurred in 1929 with a piddly 11 inches which provided the only white X-mas this city has ever seen. Aside from that, we received just over 4 inches in 2000, which is my last memory of measurable snow here, and I was nine years old. I have this desperate, insane lust for snow, and I shall live amongst those dainty flakes one day! ❤



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