Moleskine Flip

I actually filmed this a few days ago and forgot to post it! This sketchbook was completed over the course of November and December 2014. ❤ Of course, the feeling of finishing an old notebook and starting a new one is unspeakable, and I’m so excited that this is right in time for the New Year! I’m making a fucktonne of personal changes in 2015, and you’ll be seeing me way more on YouTube. I plan on chronicling my obsessions with notebooks and stationery as well as embracing online communities and vlogging as a self-help tool. I ordered a Kikki K personal planner in gold (been eyeing these since early 2014), and I plan on using it as an art journal, database, therapist, time management tool, wallet, personal assistant, travel journal and commonplace book/brain dump all in one lovely gold package.


5 thoughts on “Moleskine Flip

  1. Wow, such a beautiful sketchbook and so much talent!!!
    The thunderstorm in the background just made the video perfect, full of atmosphere


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