Mary Christmas

Please forgive the title! I had to since this mail is for dear Mary! XD

homemade scroll 2

I’ve had this long piece of handmade paper (given to me by Helga) for many months and just yesterday inspiration struck! Sometimes hoarding is the thing to do! ;D With some sanded and painted chopsticks, I created a lovely scroll to house my Christmas letter to Mary.

homemade scroll

homemade scroll + feets

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. For closure, I decided a simple tied ribbon would do. I didn’t want to use a wax seal for fear of damaging the scroll before it is opened. Here you can see how long it is next to my size 6 feets. ❤

X-mas for Mary

Other gifts are wrapped in kraft paper and stamped tissue paper. The stamps Léo gave me made some simple tissue paper look fancy as hell. I left the piece below on top of the package for Mary to use however she pleases. It’s my favorite.

ex libris tissue

fanciful tissue paper


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