Mes Doigts, Mes Mains

Bari's man hand

I inherited my hands from my father who inherited his from his father. They’re square, pockmarked and tend to bring sausages to mind; my fingernails are brittle and shorter than most 12-year-old’s due to excessive chewing. That tends to enhance the overall manliness of my hands. All of my notebook shots are designed to purposely omit my hands from the frame. Despite how ugly they are, they get the job more than done, and since pretty things tend not to be tough or effective things, I’m glad for their surprising strength and dexterity in return for hideousness. That said, I saw some cute-ass press-on nails today and rarely feed the small girly side of my brain, and so I looked upon them and thought to myself, what the hell, let’s have pretty fingernails this week. On the up-side, technology has made press-on glue so much better than it once was. Also I really hate going to those disrespectful boutiques where they gob that acrylic sculpting shit on your fingers and expect you to be happy with your new brick nails. You can’t even scratch an itch with the things because they’re so thick that they’re dull.

man hand with pen

Anyways, pretty nails meant weird photography experiments. I’d like to experiment with some photography involving the nails and maybe some notebooks or flowers. Hands holding stuff is usually out of my photographic range since A) my hands are ugly, and B) I don’t have any friends. So yay for wacky nails!

man hand with notebook and pen

I love this pen so much these days. This is the Zebra V-301 fountain pen I recently bought, and it is the most wonderful fountain pen I’ve ever used. Now that I use it regularly, I’ve found that it isn’t ornery at all. The ink is consistent, rich, quick drying and smooth. I absolutely adore the nib and the feel of the pen in general. Also, these nails are preposterously cute, and I admit I love having tiny pieces of art on the ends of my fingers.

For reference, this is what they look like without the illusion of little painted pieces of plastic. Are you hungry for sausage yet? I am.

my man hands


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