A Box Full of Notebooks

Bari's Box of Notebooks

All of my babies were scattered around the house. I honestly wasn’t sure how many I had out of storage and which types. Well, I found this old box I painted Chinese characters on as a child and decided it’d be perfect. Unfortunately, all the notebooks I already had more than filled it, so I already need another box, hoho.

Bari's Box of Notebooks 2

From Midori refills to cheap spiral bound notebooks to a notebook that was purchased for me in Russia, I felt like I was playing Tetris when I stacked them all in there.

Bari's Owl Notebook

I have two leather journals in my collection (aside from my Midori’s cover which is leather of course), and this owl notebook was the first in my collection even before the MTN.

leather covers

I have been eyeing that thick little dark brown book with the circular metal piece in the front for literally about two or three years. I finally picked it up since I had a coupon and have yet to decide what to do with it. I’ll probably hoard it for another year or so. XD I love its form: thick like an old occultist’s grimoire, heavy as a brick and full of nearly square blank pages. I wanna live in this thing. ❤

a book that's a box of its ownlokta journal 1

Above is my notebook of lokta paper with a lokta leaf in its cover. It’s the journal I keep a lot of birding studies in, so I drew birds all over it. In addition to that mountain bluebird, there’s phainopepla and a ruby-throated hummingbird on the back, which are all species I saw in California. It has the most beautiful green accents.

lokta journal 2 fabric covered sketchbookMidori and refills

Of course, here’s my Midori and all of its refills. Obviously, it is well-loved despite not currently in my “in-use” stack.

long, thin watercolor sketchbook with linen cover

I absolutely had to pick this linen-covered watercolor notebook up over the weekend. If it was half its height, I’d be thoroughly unimpressed, but just look at the shape of this thing! The paper feels quite lovely, and it is very portable and light. Below, I had to photograph my Moleskine Japanese album which is over four years old. :X Bahahahahahaha!
Moleskine Japanese album

stone paper notebook

This stone paper notebook was another impulse buy, but I had never heard of stone paper and the notebook was surprisingly cheap. It turns out that stone paper is made from marble waste (or other types of stone waste) which means that not a single plant died for this notebook, not even a lokta plant. XD Because the paper is technically made of rocks, it’s very heavy, but it feels awesome. The paper is creamy smooth and slick as well as waterproof like advertised. It’s also extremely rip resistant, but I’ve yet to test how well certain inks work with it.

stone paper



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