Art Journal Kit pour ma Belle-Sœur


This Christmas, I wanted to give the joy of art journaling to my sister-in-law, and I don’t think anyone should be without this amazing and fulfilling hobby. People in all stages of personal growth can find art journaling as powerful self-care tool, and I personally have used it for about a decade for my own psychological and emotional upkeep. Art journaling has helped me through the toughest of times, and it continues to provide inspiration and a wonderful place to wander. I spent too much money on this, but it doesn’t matter. XD I wanted to provide everything in this box that one would need to get started art journaling. I’ve always wanted to make an art journal kit for something, so I kind of went overboard.


The most important aspect and foundation of art journaling is of course the journal itself. It has to be something you use and love and can’t get away from and always want to live and breathe in. I decided to include two notebooks: the first is a Moleskine sketchbook. These are the sort I favor and provide fairly sturdy paper good for mixed media work wraped a cover that can take a serious beating. You do not need to be nice to this thing: throw it on the ground, stuff things in it until it looks like it’s gonna pop, rip stuff out of it.


The second notebook I included is a smaller Paperblanks with lined pages. Its pages are perhaps even more sturdy, and it’s thin and small enough to throw in a purse and absorb all those on-the-go thoughts and doodlings. Whichever she chooses, I feel that each is gorgeous enough to offer a taste of the obsession that is notebooks, haha.


Other major items include Liquitex paint pens, ink pads, clear stamps, Faber-Castell Gelatos and two magazines filled with pretty images and inspiration. Of course, what art journal kit would be complete without several envelopes full of paper goodies? I also added in enamel dots, tags, tons of pretty patterned paper, buttons, woodcuts, stickers, washi, stamps and all kinds of odds an ends. ❤ This was the funnest thing ever to make, and I can’t wait until she gets it!

inkpadsforBrigitte bitsforbrigittepapersforbrigitte papers2forbrigittecardforbrigittecard2


7 thoughts on “Art Journal Kit pour ma Belle-Sœur

    • Thanks a bunch. You should look art journaling up sometime. There’s tons of information all over the web to help inspire and direct in terms of technique and application. It’s quite a long and complex path, I must say, and there are as many styles of art journaling as there are types of art. 🙂

      The wax seals were done with a cheap wax seal kit from Hobby Lobby, a candle (plus matches of course) and a spoon. The wax comes in sticks with a wick, but I don’t advise using them that way. Use a sharp blade to cut small sections off. Discard the wick and heat these pieces of wax in the spoon. Once all of the wax is thoroughly heated (no solid chunks can remain), pour it onto the knot or wherever and immediately press the metal seal into it. To get a nice image, you’ll need to press the seal tight but not too tight and avoid rocking it or moving it once you’ve pressed. You will probably need to hold it for a few seconds depending on how much wax was used. Most kits come with some generic metal seal, but you can find higher quality wax and specialty seals online and perhaps at a local calligraphy store if you poke around enough. As for how much wax and how much you should heat it, only experience can help you there! I will say that if it begins to bubble, it’s getting too hot. On a side note, my seals are marbled gold and silver because I mixed the two colors of wax in the spoon. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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