Misting Redwood


Taken in the Redwood National and State Parks in Humboldt County, California, this shot is one of my favorite travel shots to date. I’m just lucky the camera I had was decent enough to do it justice; back then in 2010, I used a Sony Bloggie Touch that I still keep charged and infrequently dig out.

I actually demanded that the entire vehicle to stop in order for me to get this mystical shot, but everyone else in the car was so entranced with the scene that I didn’t have to push hard.


7 thoughts on “Misting Redwood

  1. Not to be a snarky photo-critic but I think the shot would pop a lot more if you cropped more of the road out of the bottom, and you wouldn’t lose the affect of bridge-length with it, either.

    • I don’t find that a snarky comment at all, but I must say that I disagree and like the crop how it is. I like how the light plays on the road and leads up to the bridge rather than the bridge just cutting off. Cheers and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • My thought was that the road is dull and just…there. The eye is drawn to the haze and light near the tree, and by having so much road in the image you’re giving people more to focus on. For the same reason you’d use a more concise f-stop on a flower next to a tin-can: you don’t want someone taking a quick glance to miss what makes the picture amazing.

        But I’m not a photographer. Just a guy on the internet.

      • Like I said, I like the contrast between the road and the haze and trees even if it allows the eye to wander. While it is true that both cropping and depth of field can be used as tools to direct the observer’s eye and focus, I still like the photo how it is. You obviously don’t, and I’m sure you can find a million reasons to support your own idea of aesthetic perfection. Then again, I don’t know what I’m doing either, so my opinion is clearly invalid. 😉

      • It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you didn’t, and I don’t mind the discussion at all. 🙂 You don’t have to go anywhere if you don’t want to, but of course, you could if you’d like.


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