New Pens: Zebra V-301 (fountain) and F-301 (ballpoint)

Zebra F-301 and V-301

Today, I went on a brief walk to get some pens and reveled in the beauty of autumn in Louisiana. One of my favorite things to do here is “tree peep”: to simply soak in the hundreds of species per square mile and observe how each responds to the changing seasons with a different show of brilliant color. Anyways, back to pens! This Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen is the perfect pen for sketching. I’ve been looking many a year for a sketching pen–not even for the ideal one but just one that didn’t make me want to break off my own fingers and throw the whole mess in the rubbish bin. This pen is the perfect combination between pressure sensitivity, ink flow, ink blackness and precision. It also has a strong steel barrel and a very pointy yet sturdy tip, so one could also use it as a weapon. On a side note, many police officers actually choose Zebra pens and carry them for that exact purpose: you can ram them straight into someone’s temple or eye socket; they’re great shanks. They obviously write very well too. ❤ Just look at that pointy tip! And its name sounds like a fighter jet. XD

Zebra F-301 and V-301 tips

The fountain pen is, like all fountain pens, ornery but I’m in love with the nib and its ink flow. We’ll see how it goes!



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