Peeks into the Personal Art Journal


After using and loving my Moleskine sketchbook for a little over a month, I decided that I need a bigger catch-all for my daily art journaling and scribbling needs. I ended up with this large, soft-cover Moleskine. It’s flexible and big enough to house a mishmash of ideas on each page. I feels perfect for my every thought and whim, and it feels nice to have a true art journal again after striving to only create the best work in my sketchbook and also being limited by my Midori’s size and binding options.


Of course, it is a journal, so some really sensitive, personal information has been blurred. Before posts make it here, they’re generally drafted, scribbled and drawn about in the ole soft cover art journal first. And it’s a great place to take nothing seriously, which helps to ease the burning, cynical wounds my own adulthood has inflicted upon me. 😂


Here’s a five-minute portrait sketch of a lady whose nose I really screwed up. I don’t even care! ❤


12 thoughts on “Peeks into the Personal Art Journal

    • 8D Thank you so much! I know it’s been a while since your snailmail arrived, but you know how busy this time of year can become. I plan on packing it full of x-mas stuff to make up for my tardiness. XD Thank you for the lovely purple and black letter by the way. That Halloween card! ❤

      • Haha no worries I completely understand, focus on what needs attention first. I’ve been a bit late on my responses too now that my final quarter began. In fact, I just did a second exam yesterday! 🙂

      • Heh, fortunately the weeks between Turkey Day and X-mas should be chill enough to get things done! All of my coursework needs to be complete by December 6th for all classes, so once I get that out of the way– 😀 ;D I finished all the beefy stuff so only loose ends remain. How did you do?!

      • Well that’s good, best of luck to you! Finals are next week for me too, and so far I’m doing good. I got an A on my first midterm, and my second (an in-class one) I got back today. I scored an A- thanks to a few grammatical mistakes (the test was writing two literary essays all in Spanish). I also took my university’s required writing skills test and passed with the highest score (possible, not of my class lol). I’m almost all set for graduating in the spring! Now I’m relaxing a bit before starting my final (a take home) that also has an oral portion on the day I turn it in. I’ve started working on Christmas presents as of today! You can see a hint on my craft and snailmail blog.

      • Thanks! Fortunately, it rarely seems to be a matter of luck for me–just tedium and directions and busywork. The bonus of online coursework is that all of it is either in essay or open book format, and I happen to read very quickly. XD 😀 After using weighted systems for my entire earlier academic life (where an A is 92.5% and above as apposed to 89.5%), I’m just glad to be able to call a 90 and A, haha. A MINUS SMAY FINUS, AN A IS AN A, I SAY! ❤ Don't cut yourself short! 😀 It sounds like you are really dedicated, which I admire. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm even going to sign up for classes next semester. I think I have enough credits to transfer wherever I please but college just feels so damn useless. I've been picking at my degree for years and blegh I dunno. 😦

        Most of my peers are in grad school already, but it doesn't really seem like they're better suited than I am or in a better position of possible employment. The most impressive employment histories I know of come from people without degrees, so I'm beginning to feel like I'm literally tossing money down a drain. :/ ANYWAYS, SORRY FOR ALL THAT. BAHAHA. *froths and flails*

        Now that I think about it, I only know one person who is better off now that they've graduated, and that person obtained a degree in Mathematics and went on to become a software developer, so that's pretty niche and obvious, lol. XDDD

        Anyways, I picked up three (more 😉 )Xmas gifts for you today! 😀 They're wee things, but my brain was screaming, "BUY THIS FOR MARY. DO IT. DO IT NAO." as I thought of the objects, so I just had to. >_> Super long comment COMPLETE.

      • Hahahahaha hurrah for long comments. But I know what you mean, when I first started university I hated it. It felt like something I had to do rather than wanted to do, and for the longest time I was disillusioned with my department. Then I was introduced to a second major (one of the professors in it literally dragged me into it haha), and things were more bearable. I think part of it was because because the lectures were so monotonous (I could have just read a book and never attended class) and another that I didn’t really connect with my classmates. I’m the odd man out who usually sits in the front or back and talks to no one. But in the Spanish dept I had friends and even normal classmates were pleasant to chat with. It was a whole shift in atmosphere to say the least.
        But now that I’m almost done I don’t know what to do. I do plan to become a certified interpretor but I’m not sure if I want a master’s in English. I don’t really want to be an instructor, and want to be my own boss more than anything. But again, a master’s is necessary in the publishing world. *Sigh* We will see.
        I’ve finished a few pendants now and need to get more backings. Since I’m a bit broke this year my gifts will bostly be handmade, however I am always adding in little things as well. I’m still looking for more ideas and I need to pick up some beads and chording. Oh, and a bunch of stamps haha.
        Well, I hope you figure out what to do; taking time off would be good. Sometimes you just need that period to dedicate to yourself. 🙂
        Ha, here’s my own long comment.

      • Hahahah, nothing is necessary in the publishing world. I knew a guy who worked for years at Northrop Grumman, and he was not any more impressed with the people who had master’s than those who didn’t, especially in terms of English. I myself find English classes a waste of time; I end up correcting and aiding the professor. I only have fifteen credits, and I think I’m done wasting money on academia. I feel that pursuing a career actively in art would be a far better use of my life, haha.

      • I was lucky enough to find some really close friends, and in fact, my best friend and I met in high school and now live together in the bay area. What is hard for me is to find like minded people, since my friends are all different than me and though I love them, we do not think alike. Intellectual kinship is harder for me to find. But it’s always fun to find someone I connect with! 🙂

  1. Haha, I don’t really talk to any of the people I knew in high school. Sometimes I exchange pleasantries for old times sake, but my real only friend is a French girl that lives in Québec, and I only met her this May. I find that “intellectual kinship” translates to “likemindedness” to me: the intellect is so tightly woven into one’s being that I could be interested in the same things as one (and I often am as I have many interests), but still find this person a complete waste of time. Perhaps it’s selfish, but I have to be able to get something intellectual back from those I talk to.

    And about school: just remember that universities and colleges are just companies. Of course they tell you that you absolutely have to have their product (a degree). The best thing to do in order to get published it to write and use the proper avenues (a literary agent and a query letter to said agent) to get said writing seen and eventually published. An English degree and involvement in local university writing departments and publications will create a network of contacts which is what so many people rely on to get published: knowing the right people. I’m sure you’ve noticed that most folk who are published aren’t worth the pages their shit’s written on. So many fancy degrees and heads full of nothing, they have.


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