Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare — Ramble

Holy shit, I love it. For every tendril of rage and hatred I felt toward the grainy, camper-oriented Ghosts, I feel an equal amount of love for Advanced Warfare.

My significant other made an interesting observation: it seems that the Call of Duty series jumps between catering to people who like to camp and people who don’t like to camp by changing up the gameplay every other game–for example: Modern Warfare 3 versus Black Ops 2 versus Ghosts versus Advanced Warfare. It’s almost inarguable that Ghosts was for campers, and it’s almost inarguable that it’s really damn hard to camp in Advanced Warfare what with rocket-suit dudes hopping over buildings and energy-shotgunning folk in the face. It’s no longer so easy to assume that everyone coming to the rooftop will pass through this doorway you’ve got scoped: in Advanced Warfare someone might literally just fall from the sky onto your dome.

The game is far faster-paced, and the mobility afforded to one by the “exo suit” makes it possible to dodge bullets, disappear over buildings (I CAN FLY, MOTHERFUCKER *ZOOM*), just perform a myriad of awesome acrobatics. It adds an innovative tactical aspect to the gameplay in a genre and series where characters are typically very limited. When I first picked up the game, I was blown away by how quickly others were able to traverse the map: people rocket into second story windows, around stairwells and away from explosives. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. It is because of this mobility that I am able to use my favorite weapon in the game: the RW1 single-shot railgun. I refer to it as my “Ornery Mistress”, because when using it, one must not care about their kill-to-death ratio; one must only care about using the Rw1, and one must be prepared to die for the thing! BAHAHAHAHA! It is possible to kill two people with one shot using this weapon, so there’s also that.

As a whole, the weapons are an awesome, welcome change: futuristic enough to be fresh but familiar enough to be fun. There could be more; there could always be more. Supply drops award alternate versions of each gun, but there could always, always be more weapons in any game. The only game that isn’t true of is Borderlands, though I will bitch and say that I missed the Combustion Hellfire when playing number two. Anyways, Advanced Warfare‘s systems for equipping and unlocking weapons seem to be improved, revamped, more robust versions of those found in Black Ops II, and I’m more than okay with this.

It’s terribly fun, but the next two games on my list are a bit more involved. I like the ability to sit down and shoot-em-up for seven-ish minutes at a whack, but Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning really has me wanting a game experience that will consume me completely. I tried picking Amalur back up but the graphics are so terrible after experiencing a PS4 that I just want to get Destiny or INfamous already. Those are the next two on my list! ❤



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