For the Love of Moleskines


I guess I fell out of love only to fall back in. Moleskine sketchbooks are pretty grand, but since the release of the new Literary Art Deco collection by Paperblanks which feature blank pages (ironic that most of their notebooks don’t come with blank pages given their name), a challenger may have appeared! This is a shot of my Moleskine sketchbook (le premier) after about a month of love and sketching. My lover James is out of town on a business trip, so I’ve had the past few days to ruminate and art (yes, it’s a verb now). I decided to pick up a larger blank soft-cover Moleskine for use as a catch-all journal for my every need and whim and scribble. I love it; I’m obsessed with it. My obsession with notebooks and sketchbooks is only getting worse! 😂


Here’s some of today’s setup. It’s rainy and grey, and this room is painted a somewhat abrasive cranberry color that invades every photo to fuck up the lighting.

Edit: I finished that wooden piece: “Pink Cloud Assembly“! ❤



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