Portrait Practice


I need as much practice with portraits as I can get, and I found a lovely Swedish lady (@elainelilje) on Instagram who didn’t mind me using one of her photos as a study. This has just reaffirmed that I’m terrible at capturing one’s likeness. The right page was an utter failure, so I just played around with it a bit and explored how blood might run along the surface of one’s skin.


Here’s the whole spread including a printed off version of the original photo. I used colored pencil and watercolor in my trusty Moleskine sketchbook. I’m not happy with how this turned out at all. The tilt and angle of her head and face made this piece especially challenging, and I think I’ll give it another go. Next time, I’ll select different photo with a more straightforward position of the head. Perhaps it’ll be easier to capture her likeness that way.



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