Such gorgeous eyes for someone so cruel—
Tossed aside like an old rag,
I lay in this nest of razor and wires
as I wrote lines through my heart.

A shadow melting behind those scornful laughs,
I knew you roamed close:
you were always in the fog,
in the confusion.

“Let me see your face,”
and the voice that dripped bleach slithered inside my ears;
somewhere, I’d lost myself in the foam.

I was lead along
by wolves whose fast pushed them through my brain:
to wander the wastes, they found the nerves—
wound like deltas, these rivers sprayed electric.

The fibers fell through hollowed caverns;
between bones and blood, they shifted.

Another cardboard box lay in the trash,
and as silver glinted, the gaping grins sent shivers
down my spine.
I watched red stretch over the tile,
across that purple bracelet.

Don’t whisper to me of things passed
as those scars feed white to the dusk.
Nothing is what I had imagined:
I’ve found these waves
evolving as they let my
lungs rot.

© 2006-2014 Bari Adams. All rights reserved.

This piece originally began as about ten or so different poems that I wrote between the ages of 16 and 18. Most of them were utter shit, so I stitched them together, salvaging about two or so of the best lines from each shitty poem. These particular poems were all about the same general thing, so reworking them into cohesion was fairly easy. This piece is incredibly personal  and deeply meaningful to me, which explains my drive to save its shards. Finally, after creating this frakenpoetry, I was able to let go and delete the old shitty poems.



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