mikasaMy Nexus 5 died a horrible death recently. Worse than it being dropped or crushed, it killed itself: random restarts even while already restarting. I went through all precautions (factory reset, safe mode, etc), and the problem persisted. I’m no stranger to electronics, but this issue developed and progressed oddly until the phone would do nothing except infinitely reboot and eventually give up. Currently, it is bricked. If you’re curious, I was able to determine that it wasn’t Android 4.4.4 causing the issues (this is a known cause of reboots in Nexus 5 devices), and it seems that leaving the phone off for many days will temporarily abate the problem only for it to develop again in a day or so (and become progressively worse like a terminal illness). So I stepped off the Nexus wagon. Google has been disappointing me as of late anyways, so I decided on a Samsung Galaxy S5 as a replacement. I named it Mikasa.

Yes, I named my phone after Mikasa Ackerman.


One thought on “Mikasa

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