Heterochromia Iridum

I went back to using my Midori for my daily notebook. Right now, I’m using it with two inserts, and the lightweight insert is serving as my journal right now. Despite how flimsy the paper is, I love how it feels, and it’s very sturdy for its thickness. Even so, I can’t stand seeing black ink through the pages, so I’ll be alternating between pencil and pen which is fun. Heavier mediums won’t really be an option, but it takes ink and light applications of watercolor surprisingly well. My love for this notebook just doesn’t end. ❤

I drew some anime-style chicks this week, and I’m almost finished with Revolutionary Girl Utena! Also I’m fairly certain my cat steals away all day to troll the blue jays. I can hear them bitching from inside my house, so she must be doing a good job.



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