Monday—what a wonderful day to receive such an amazing letter from Mary (thirteen1999 on Tumblr)! I love everything about it: the booklet, the sugar skull art, the particle physics envelope (we’ll get back to that), the paper goodies, the super cute mail tag sheet and her beautiful, beautiful handwriting. I can’t thank you enough for brightening the hell out of my day. ❤ I’ve already begun the reply.

This envelope blew me away—truthfully the whole thing did but this envelope!It actually took me several hours to discover its true wonder. At first, I thought it was a random, abstract pattern. I really like to explore the reverse of envelopes, so I took a peek inside to find myself reading about the Higgs boson! It dawned on me that the imagery on the front was actually from the detector of a particle accelerator, likely one of the LHC’s four. Now is a good time for me to drop in another article that I wrote long ago on the basic workings of the LHC and the CERN Accelerator Complex: you can read it here



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