Under the Ocean

Between waiting for replies and for my Postcrossing cards to arrive, I’ve been working on this sea themed painting for dear Léo. Due to some vacation stuff, I’ve been holding her parcel and will send it at the end of this week, so I figured that was a perfect window to create a piece for her. I felt that her parcel needed something else anyways. It’s still incomplete and will require several more layers underwater and in the sky. The blank white space on the left will be a school of shimmering fish, and I’m not finished with the octopus either.

Here this floating island is being dragged along by a giant octopus. Two neat details are the lenticular cloud with a trail—something I imagine might form if mountains cloud be dragged like so—and a tsunami.

Though small, this is the first serious painting I’ve undertaken in years, and I’m quite pleased with how it is turning out.



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