One of my longest standing obsessions is the love of notebooks. I won’t bore you with the trillion reasons why, but I have carried one around since I was a small child. Granted, I was far less picky back then.

I use a Paperblanks notebook for my daily art journal, for technique experimentation and to write about whatever I damn well please. This notebook was given to me by my closest penpal friend, Léo. I’ve quickly fallen in love with the brand due to its range of sizes and designs, sturdy paper and beautiful accents (metal closures for example).

I also use a silly little full-color owl notebook for all my penpal information: addresses, preferences, ideas for gifts and letters, incoming/outgoing lists. I even use it to draft letters if I’m feeling particularly nervous. For less artistically intense letters, I can just rip (carefully) the signatures from the notebook and bind it with thread into several mini booklets that are already owl themed. ❤ I very much enjoy this.

My Midori is a different beast because it hides three notebooks (refills) each with a different purpose. I use a two-month diary grid refill for my daily French journal, a grid insert for creative writing and a sketchbook insert for artwork. Despite being too small for my art journal, I’m addicted to it.

Last but not least is that thin little map notebook which is a special project for my friend. I found the idea while wandering Instagram’s “happymail” hashtag, and it is originally the idea of “letter_writer”. We each bought a fairly thin notebook with between 60 and 70 pages. Over the course of several months, we plan to fill our own notebooks with primarily text. Both of us will decorate the pages a bit to liven things up, but the idea is to avoid filling entire pages with paint in lieu of words. After we’re done, we will mail our notebooks to one another. This project is extra awesome because much of our interaction is language exchange. For these notebooks, we will each be writing in our native tongues: she in French and me in English. I’ll have an awesome translation project to complete this fall! ❤



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