This took far longer than it should have, but I’m pleased with the odds and ends that I included. This sea themed booklet will be heading to Eléonore in Canada. The cover and some pages are made with heavy scrapbook paper with Moleskine grid paper in the center as stationery. Those big tags on the second page are my favorites I’ve ever made. I offset them with some silly, glittery fish stickers and some of my photography.

There are some gems in here: the altered playing card photo frames and the vintage seashell sticker flakes. Those sticker flakes were made from an illustration I found on a lovely website that collects vintage, copyright free images: The Old Design Shop: Vintage Image Treasury

You probably can’t read them, but all of those paint chips have names that fit in with the theme so well. While I do collect paint chips for color inspiration, I also collect chips with interesting or peculiar names (I have one shade called “Draw Your Sword” that always reminds me of the Hound—it’s the color of his armor). I’ve been hoarding these themed chips for a while: (clockwise starting top left) Harbor, Sea Spray, Wharf View, Nautical, Deep Ocean and in the center is Tranquility, a lovely shade of minty green, which is one of Léo’s most favorite colors.



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