garden parcel

This mail took me a bit longer than I expected, and it has no cohesive theme, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The letter isn’t pictured, but it is merely a grid paper booklet I bound with thread.

The masterpiece of this mail is a garden booklet decorated in those old garden books I have and filled with photos and tidbits about my plants. I especially like the way it turned out with the colorful band closure against the black and white cover. There’s no need to disturb the sweet moth: just slip it up and over! I’m really proud of it if you couldn’t tell.

I also put in a little pouch of handmade photo corners, which I’ve decided I love. I need to make myself a huge batch. There are super-sized tags in there: one mixed media one drawn mostly in ink of a woman with a polka-dotted shirt and another with some of my photography of Kentucky on it. I actually photographed these alone before finishing them. I since added little string tassels with beads and paper flowers. In another pouch, there are some random paper goodies, and I also included several whole pages from the old books, tea and coffee, one of my handmade photography postcards and a gold curtain tie.

Off to Sweden it goes! ❤



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