Happymail days are the absolute best days! I received a gorgeous letter from Helga decorated in some of the most inventive ways I’ve ever seen anyone use washi tape. I love photography, and she sent be some gorgeous photos of her home as well as home made stickers and an unpictured painting that I’ve already hung on my wall! She also graciously included a sampling of Swedish coffee and teas as well as some chocolates—I’m being spoiled!

Second in the mail today, Léo (I have been calling her Elé when apparently Léo is her real nickname—silly me) sent me an amazing shaped postcard and some stamps. It is the first shaped card for my collection which is still very small. My stamp collection is also small, but I’ve always longed for owl stamps. I’m so happy to finally have two! A friend on Instagram told me that the caribou stamp from Newfoundland was issued in 1932 before it joined Canada. I’m also very fond of architectural stamps that depict buildings and cities as well as landscapes.

If anyone would like to exchange postcards and stamps, I’m always open to direct swaps! Please email me at kogoeruyoru(at)gmail(dot)com or direct message me on Instagram: @kogoeruyoru! ❤ 



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