Stamp Haul

An enormous pile of stamps came in today! I’m so giddy I could die. At the top, one of my very favorites: Lucille Ball. I also got an Audrey Hepburn stamp because while I don’t particularly care for her, I think she’s beautiful (as is the stamp). I’m still too much of a novice to collect stamps on any more basis than liking their looks, haha. At the bottom, you can see my ream of new stamps: songbirds, vintage seed packets, Lady Bird Johnson stamps (honestly, I love these), lighthouses, sakura blossoms, the 1 cent Tiffany lamps, Navajo necklaces and coffeepots. You’ll notice I didn’t mention one set: the sea surface temperature stamps are very special to me. ❤ They are international postcard/1 oz. rate, which right now is 1.15 USD.



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