I picked up a fuchsia hybrida I had been eyeing for week or so, and I am so in love with it! Its foliage and flowers are beyond gorgeous: the stalks a fuchsia and the insides of the flowers a wondrous, rich violet. It likes only shade and will supposedly bloom throughout all seasons except winter. 

Back when I lived in California, James got me a tiny crassula perforata plant that I kept alive alongside other succulents for several years until we moved across the country. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with not only succulents as a whole but echeveria and crassula plants. I’ve finally found another to add to my garden: crassula marginalis, which is also known as Calico kitten. It turns rosy lilac in cold or drought.

Sadly enough, I think it might be getting too late for poppies. I’m not even that sure if they’d like the climate here, which is neither cool nor dry.



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