I spent the morning watching the thunderstorms and trying out my new set of watercolors. It’s immediately obvious how shitty my other cheap paints are. I really shouldn’t buy those no matter how I try to justify it with price. Have a glimpse at my adorable hat, which has not left my head all miserable winter. On a side note, I’m pretty sure that whoever designed that coffee cup meant to put “CHIEF” on it. On another side note, please ignore my sausage fingers; I have the hands of a short, chubby Irish man.

Glory to those scissors. They are guaranteed to snip like butter for the entirety of their life, and their blades are a dark, velvety purple.

There’s a shot of my MTN from the side as well as two old Moleskines, the bottom of which I’ve had for around 3 years. I had a Sharpie pen in the loop for a while until I need a pen on a fly and remembered how amazingly Sakura Micron pens write. Usually, I keep such prized pens in a case for fear of losing them (paranoia), but I have two 0.35mm ones. I decided risking the loss of one was worth the joy of using it daily!



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