Farewell, My Artemis

James and I were involved in a hit-and-run accident on the interstate. We were heading northbound on Interstate 5 with James driving. Approaching the exit to the 118 E, he merged right to prepare for the offramp. A white truck was completely dead in the road, and we were forced to stop in rush hour traffic in the right lane at an interstate-highway interchange. After backing up to give the white truck plenty of space, we waited for several minutes, but there were no holes in traffic, and there was no median: roadwork had placed concrete walls next to the lane. Both of us saw the green truck coming from what had to be a quarter mile away. He was doing nearly 85 mph and braked feverishly. His old truck couldn’t stop and the body swerved side to side as the tires dug into the concrete. James pressed the brake down as tightly as he could and pulled the E-brake hard. At some point before collision, the driver of the green truck decided to attempt to accelerate and merge into the left lane. He failed and impacted us around 60 mph in the back left section of the car. This initial impact struck near the tail-light next to the trunk handle panel and license plate mount. Artemis (my Scion) absorbed this impact well, buckling slightly around the glass panel on the trunk. For one second, we flew, then slammed the front left side against a concrete barricade, and the front right side smashed into the truck at least one car-length in front of us. This impact was far more significant, as the weight of the truck behind us sandwiched my car in between it and the dead white truck, forcing Artemis to accept most of the energy from the second collision. The driver of the green truck was deemed completely at fault.

As a result, Artemis is totalled.



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